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School Reports

Mountainview's_Single_School_Plan_for_Achievement Card IconMountainview's Single School Plan for AchievementTop of Page

The function of the School Site Council (SSC) is the development and annual revision of the Single Plan for Student Achievement. It also oversees the School Improvement (SI) fund to make sure it is appropriately utilized to improve academic achievement of our students.  The goal of the SSC is the continuous improvement of student performance and the ensuring that every student demonstrates the ability to meet and exceed grade level standards.

School_Site_Council_By-Laws_and_Meeting_Minutes Card IconSchool Site Council By-Laws and Meeting MinutesTop of Page

Below are the links to our By-Laws and the minutes from our most recent School Site Council meetings. These minutes are provided as a service to our school community to keep everyone informed of current issues and discussions held at the meetings.

Parent_Survey Card IconParent SurveyTop of Page

Every year our Site Council sends out a survey to all of our families, looking for feedback in a variety of areas.  This year we had 245 families respond.  The first sheet shows the questions that were asked, and how many families disagreed.  Following that are the comments folks wrote.  Please note they are exactly as we received them- spelling errors and all!
Our Site Council and staff use the information received from these surveys to change our programs and procedures and to set goals for improvement.  

If you have any questions related to this survey, please contact Katie Demsher, Principal, or Misty Covington, Assistant Principal.