Student Service by: Skyler V.

Student Service is a fun and phenomenal program for all students. Student Service is not only about getting down to business, but also exciting activities for all Mountainview students to share with one another.

Student Service is a group of representatives that help other students and give them news about Mountainview. If you ever need help with anything, you will know that a Student Service member will always be there to help. To be a Student Service member, you have to be a classroom representative. A classroom representative is someone who is responsible, does their work, and is a role model to other people. By being a Student Service member, it lets others know that you are a school and a classroom representative, and you are the person to rely on! In Student Service, you talk about upcoming events and fun activities for the school. You also go to your assigned classes and tell them what new things to expect for the upcoming month. Student Service members meet on Wednesdays, but they are always avalible to anyone in need, like on career day. On career day, a Student Service member is assigned to take a career day volunteer to the classroom in which they are going to be speaking. To become a Student Service representative, you have to write a short speech on why someone should pick you to be their representative. You could also add what you will do, how you will make the school better, and how you will make a difference. If you become a member starting in 4th grade, you will have the opportunity to do it again in 5th and 6th grade.