Before & After School

Welcome to Mountainview CDP!
Our Before & After School Program offers high quality activities and experiences for school-age children bridging home and school and extending children's learning.  The daily program consists of organized activities that include enrichment, engaging and creative indoor activities, outdoor physical fitness activities, dedicated homework time, and a nutritious snack.
Children choose from a variety of activities offered daily in the Child Development Program.  Both indoor and outdoor learning experiences are provided with time for active play as well as time to relax, read, complete homework, and participate in quiet activities.  All children will have the opportunity to learn and grow through experiences such as:
  • Creative use of materials in arts and crafts.
  • Science, language arts, visual and performing arts, and social science activities.
  • Recreational and organized sports and games, nature walks, and playground activities.
  • Club and enrichment activities offered throughout the year.
We look forward to providing your children with a safe, enriched and age appropriate atmosphere before & after school.  Please feel free to look around the website for detailed information on the program.  As always, please feel free to call, email or stop by with any questions.
Lacey Belt
Mountainview Site Supervisor
(661) 294-5326