Parent Volunteer Guidelines & Forms

Parent Volunteer Guidelines


As stated in the Saugus Union School District Parent & Student Preschool Programs
Handbook, parents may volunteer to work in their child’s classroom throughout the year.
Parents are required to sign up, in advance, for volunteer hours.
According to California Senate Bill 792, effective September 1, 2016, day care centers
are required to maintain vaccination records for influenza, pertussis and measles for their
volunteers. This is applicable to the Saugus Union School District Child Development
Preschool Programs as it falls under the licensure requirements. A current Tb test is also required in order volunteer in the classroom. 
During the volunteering hours, parents should:
• Actively engage with the children at all times. For example, participate in a
game, conduct a small-group activity, read a book, play with children, etc.
• Assist children during transitions such as washing hands, lining up, getting snack
or lunch, dismissal, etc. Please remember that adults may assist children but allow
them to exercise self-help skills. In addition, parents may only assist their own
child in the restroom.
• Observe children and be aware of the environment. Let the teacher know of
any potentially harmful situation.
• Inform the teacher of any behavioral issues of the children so that she may address
the behavior and communicate with the parent directly. Please exercise
discretion to maintain confidentiality.
• Inform the teacher of any injured child so that she may tend to the child and report
the occurrence to the parent.
• Address any concerns to the Teacher or Site Supervisor.