Choose Mountainview

Located amongst the mountaintops of the Santa Clarita Valley, Mountainview Elementary School embraces high academic and behavioral expectations. It is our privilege to teach, encourage, and recognize every Mountainview student. Our civic-learning focus helps our young people develop the skills they need to share problems and interact effectively with others as they develop into esteemed citizens and leaders.

The Right Educational Foundation

The Mountainview staff, together with parents and the community, is dedicated to teaching each child the elementary standards as they develop character and creativity in a safe environment. We help our students build the foundation to become successful, contributing members of our school and the community.

Academic Excellence

In the classroom, teachers provide whole-group lessons, small-group English language development lessons, small-group intervention for those in need, and extension opportunities for those working at and above grade level. With this differentiation, we meet students at their current instructional level while continuing to set high expectations for students to reach or exceed the state standards.

Program Focus

We encourage students to achieve their personal best with a focus on both academic and social areas for success through civic learning and leadership. Throughout the day, we infuse powerful components such as Peer Tutoring, Buddy Classes, a student-run Morning Valet, Student Service, Sixth-Grade Leadership, Peer Mentoring, and a “Circle of Friends” inclusion program. Within each of these subprograms, students and teachers provide service to other peers and classrooms while also supporting and facilitating the community spirit Mountainview exemplifies.


Using the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, students, staff, and parents develop and nurture strong bonds. A look into and outside of our classrooms and within the community at large gives evidence of our school’s success with this inspired program. Elementary students not only learn new academic content, but they also learn to navigate the social setting of school.

Students today benefit greatly from being explicitly taught about character, from discussing the emotions they are feeling and from learning the behavioral expectations of our school. Integrating these together encourages all Mountainview students to engage actively in the school, build positive relationships, and apply this learning in a socially responsible way within our school and community.